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Sell Your House The Easy Way…

Tell us about your property by filling out the form below or by calling us at (314) 827-5758. We want to learn about your property so we can figure out the best way to help you and present you with our cash offer range.

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If our cash offer range works for you, then we’ll schedule a time to meet and look at your property so we can estimate the repair costs. In less than 24 hours after we meet, we’ll call you with our fair, no obligation cash offer.

If you accept our cash offer, You choose the closing date for us to set with the Title Company. It’s that simple!

How Does This Whole Process Work?

What info do I have to give you?

We will need the following information from you:

  • The Timeline you to sell your property on
  • The Current Condition of your property
  • Any Updates or Renovations you’ve made
  • Your Ideal Outcome with your property

We want to know these things so we can give you the Best Solution, even if it doesn’t involve working with us!

Will you tell me how much you can offer for my house?

We won’t give you our exact cash offer in our initial conversation. Instead, we give you an Initial Offer Range and you decide if that range works for you.

But other companies make offers over the phone… Why don’t you?

We don’t give exact cash offers on our initial conversation for a couple of reasons:

  • At this point, we haven’t seen your property yet, and don’t want to make an offer on a property we haven’t seen.
  • We also don’t want to give you one offer on our initial conversation, then meet in person and give you an offer that is lower and have you feel like you got lowballed.

Are you going to lowball me?

Our business is 100% based on buying houses in Missouri

If we gave out unfair, lowball offers, then we wouldn’t be in business…

We never lowball, and the people who do give out low offers give cash home buyers a bad reputation.

We want to give you the highest offer possible, because that means that we’re beating our competition!

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We Want To Provide A Hassle-Free Selling Experience, Even If It’s Not To Us

If you believe the value of your house is outside our offer range, No Problem! Our #1 Goal is to help you sell your property, as long as you actually want to sell it. If you sell it to us, Great! If you don’t sell it to us, Great! We’re here to help you sell your property, no matter what.

How We Calculate Cash Offers

Your Offer = ARV – Repair Costs – Selling Costs – ROI

After Repair Value (ARV) is the market value of your house after it is fully renovated to today’s market standards.

Repair Costs is our estimate of how much money it will cost to renovate your house to today’s market standards. This is the amount of money you don’t have to spend when you sell your house to us!

Selling Costs are the costs of selling a property like taxes, title and escrow fees, insurance, commissions (that we pay, not you). This is about 12% of the ARV.

Return On Investment (ROI) is the amount of money we make for helping you solve your problem and to keep our business running. If we didn’t make any money, then we wouldn’t be able to help you sell your house worry-free.

We Play By The Numbers…

We’re not here to waste anybody’s time. We don’t just make offers based on a random percent of the ARV. We make offers by adding up the numbers and by trying our hardest to give you the highest offer possible. We want you to be happy with our offer and feel confident when selling your house to us.

Let’s look at an example,

Let’s say that the ARV of your house is $350,000. Now let’s say that if you wanted to bring your house up to top market standards, it would cost about $70,000 in Repair Costs. Now, our selling costs are about 12% of the ARV, so for this example, our Selling Costs would be $42,000. Now for our Return On Investment, we need you to understand that as much as we love what we do, we can’t do it for free. We have to make money to continue to run our business so we can help people just like you. For this example, let’s say we need to have a Return On Investment of $25,000 to continue running our company. Now, let’s look at this equation from the top down…

ARV (After Repair Value) = $350,000

Repair Costs = $70,000

Our Selling Costs = 12% of the ARV = $42,000

Our Return On Investment (The amount we need to make to continue running our business) = $25,000

Your Cash Offer = ARV – Repair Costs – Selling Costs – Return On Investment

Your Cash Offer = $350,000 – $70,000 – $42,000 – $25,000 = $213,000

Your Cash Offer = $213,000

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Why Sell To Us Instead Of Working With A Realtor?

When selling your house, you have to look at all of your options and figure out what option is the best for you. While you could list your home for a higher price with an agent, it almost never means that you’re going to walk away with that number, and you’ll have to deal with the headache of listing your property.

How do we differ from working with a local agent?

Working With ‘We Buy Houses in MO’

selling-to-we-buy-houses-in-moPay No Commissions and No Fees

selling-to-we-buy-houses-in-moWe cover all Closing Costs

selling-to-we-buy-houses-in-moClose on your Schedule

selling-to-we-buy-houses-in-moSell without making any Repairs

selling-to-we-buy-houses-in-moNo Formal Inspections

selling-to-we-buy-houses-in-moNo Open Houses

selling-to-we-buy-houses-in-moNo Appraisal or Financing Contingencies

Working With A Local Agent

selling-with-a-realtorYou will pay about 6% in commissions

selling-with-a-realtorYou pay about 2%-4% of the sales price in closing costs

selling-with-a-realtorClosing will take anywhere from 30-90 days after finding a buyer

selling-with-a-realtorA buyer might want you to pay for repairs

selling-with-a-realtorA buyer is most likely going to ask for an inspection, and anything wrong with your house will drop the price

selling-with-a-realtorYou’re going to have to deal with tons of showings and walkthroughs

selling-with-a-realtorIf the buyer wants an appraisal and it comes in lower than expected, you might have to lower your sales price

Get A Fair Cash Offer On Your House Today

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Have questions for us? Check our frequently asked questions or give us a call at (314) 827-5758. We’re more than happy to talk with you and answer questions before you submit your property info.