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Looking for Off Market Real Estate Deals in Missouri? We’re a local real estate investment company. We want to connect with and bring off market deals to investors in Missouri.

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Off Market Real Estate Deals in Missouri

Good Off Market Deals are hard to find, even in Missouri. If you’re reading this page, you probably know how lucrative off market deals can be, but also how difficult it is to actually get a good off market deal, especially when working with wholesalers that like to blow up the ARV and underestimate repair costs.

As investors, we don’t have time to deal with ‘just ok’ deals where the numbers are off. We don’t want to do deals in areas that aren’t good either. We just want to get great deals that are actually worth our time, energy, and effort.

We want to share our off market deals with other investors because we simply can’t buy them all. We also know that working directly with a seller to offer a quick, cash sale can sometimes be a better option than listing with an agent.

We do all of the marketing to find homeowners who want to sell their house off market, so you can spend your time being an investor, not an investor and a marketing guru.

How We Find Wholesale Properties in Missouri

Finding Wholesale Properties in Missouri can be easy, if you want to do deals that are ‘just ok’. If you want to do great, high quality deals, you’re going to do some major work just to get the deal.

Every investor knows they need great leads if they want to do great deals, but how can you be a great investor when you have to spend half your time just getting leads?

How We Find Wholesale Properties in Missouri

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Our primary lead source is through our website. We have pages for locations across Missouri that homeowners can use to reach out to us to sell their house off market. We are always monitoring our site’s performance and working to raise and maintain our rankings.

The top benefit of SEO is that homeowners reach out to us, we don’t reach out to homeowners. This means that every lead that comes through our website is motivated and ready to sell. When you use other marketing methods like Direct Mail or Cold Calling (Still, these are both fantastic ways to get leads), you’re reaching out to the seller and trying to get them to make the decision to sell to you. With SEO, the homeowner already knows they want to sell, and now they’re just trying to find the right person to sell to.

Networking: We are constantly meeting and connecting with other investors, wholesalers, agents, and many other real estate professionals across Missouri. We know that a network is one of the most powerful resources that must be used to succeed, especially in real estate. We want to talk to you and grow both of our networks, and we also want to pass on our wholesale properties to others. Why not expand on your most powerful resource in real estate?

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